daughter is an up and coming pop singer, songwriter from Virginia, USA. From her bedroom to the stage, daughter brings her real life experiences and stories to new audiences in hopes of reaching and relating to millions. Her passion for music has been developing since she was performing at just six years old to now, as she works full time writing, recording and sharing her original music. 



daughter is a singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer from Virginia. She has been spending time between Virginia, Nashville and London finishing her Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theatre at Middlesex University.  daughter is currently working as a recording artist and performing after training at the International College of Musical Theatre London. 

Maddi Overy (daughter) has been performing since she was six years old. She has been in countless musical productions, plays, showcases and talent competitions, as well as appearing in a few music videos and performing weekly in live events. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Maddi had time to reflect and prepare for how she wanted to spend the next few years of her life. She used the time she was given to graduate an entire year early, apply and get accepted into her top choices for musical theatre programs in the country, and start propelling her career as a performer. 

Maddi finished a very successful and exciting two years at the ICMT and loved the caliber of the intensive training, spending hours a day doing what she loves. She admits, "It has not been the easiest year by any means but I know that I am in the right place doing the right thing". During her studies, she has trained with multiple Broadway and West End actors and has had the opportunity to perform for professional choreographers, casting agents, directors and even pitch her co-written original mini-musical, "The Waiting Room", to a producer for Disney and BBC. 

On top of her musical theatre training, Mads has spent the last year writing and releasing original music. She worked with producer and engineer, Corey Pavlosky, at Pipe Dream Studios during her semester breaks. She spent hours in the studio recording. "I love every minute of working in the studio. It has been amazing to see the creative process of turning composition into monetized work through the art of production, which has always intrigued me."

In the last year, Maddi has had the opportunity to work with producers and songwriters in Nashville and record her debut singles as 'daughter'- her new stage name. daughter is excited to announce that she will be posting updates over the next few months about what is to come regarding her next project. 

"I am so thankful to be a part of a loving, hard-working, influential and sometimes brutal community. I know my journey is just beginning. I am aware that it is not an easy road ahead of me, but I am enjoying the challenge of training, learning, studying, and growing in a field that I feel so connected to. I am blessed to have had such supportive parents, friends and family; I would like to thank those who have shaped me into who I am and will continue to become as I make my way through this tough industry." -daughter


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